m. artedesign en plein air.

Breathing and sharing: capturing the subtle pictorial nuances that light generates on every detail.
From these concepts comes the m. artedesign proposal dedicated to the outdoors; colour and attention to detail, in a profound relationship with light and its dynamics.
Being contemporary means interpreting and expressing the present, through its inclinations and needs: today the present is breathing and sharing a new existential code.
The product line dedicated to outdoor living aims to make you live experiences of well-being and to amplify your creativity.
In order to enter into a deep connection with nature, we have designed dedicated products with specific materials and workmanship to give the product performance and durability.
We invite you to live outdoors, where our soul breathes and becomes a precious place to share.
We transform gardens and terraces into outposts to capture new suggestions and savour the scents of new ideas.

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