Oviedo, ES | 2022

The construction company Ercer Diseño Construccióne Instalaciones S.L.  (Madrid) signs the realization of the new HQ of the French company Total Energies, a world leader in the oil and natural gas sector.

Designed by the studio The Move (Madrid), in collaboration with 3 Diseño Equipamiento Interiores (Bizkaia), the project contemplates the representation of four different scenarios associated with each floor of the building.

M.artedesign has been selected to provide the furniture (soft seating) of the third floor, focused on the well-being and comfort of its users. Alfa chair, represented in several variables, and the lounge, easy and armchair versions of Dilmun, have been combined to enrich and embellish the meeting rooms. While Alfa stools, Shodo pouf and Shade table have been selected to amplify feelings of intimacy and relaxation in the common areas


  • Client: Total Energies (France)
  • Construction company: Ercer Diseño Construccióne Instalaciones S.L. (Madrid)
  • Interior designer: The Move, Total Motion Ideas (Madrid)
  • Supplier: 3 Diseño Equipamiento Interiores, S.L. (Bizkaia)
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