Marte Design

Marte is a “laboratory of ideas,” a workshop of concepts. From 2012, our team designs and manufactures home furnishings with unique details.

Our products, designed in Italy, are sold in over 60 countries.

Each product reflects a need, not only practical but also intimate and personal. We like to call it: ergonomics of the soul.

Our Philosophy

Designing is our passion. “Design,” a word that most use but that only a few give a precise definition. For us, “design” is the creation of a utility that is both tangible and intangible. Each shape must have practical, aesthetic, and ethical meaning. This is what we are, and drive us with passion in our work. Our goal is to ensure that people get satisfaction from the objects and spaces they inhabit and that at the same time, they are permeated by their gestures and habits.

While pragmatically making themselves useful, objects urge us, in their presence, to be a certain type of person rather than another one.

Research & Development

We have limitless sources of inspiration. Any feeling is valid, even when it seems unlikely, since the detail that changes everything can be hidden anywhere. We love to search for new materials and use them according to traditional schemes. Or to use well-known materials by bending them to never-used-before processes and assigning them new ways of existing and communicating. Our primary focus is always on sustainability.

Researching is the desire to find a solution that does not yet exist. It is projecting, observing, defining boundaries, and going beyond limits.

Craftmanship and Production

The processes that lead to the creation of our products make use of both cutting-edge technologies and craftsmanship. Thanks to the meeting of these two worlds, we guarantee a high standard of quality. Robotic processes integrate with human input to combine productivity and attention to detail. The art of craftsmanship is expressed to the maximum potential industrial upholstery. Here, the master’s hand and experience leave their distinctive mark leading to tailored care of the product. All finishing processes are performed by companies that are sensitive to sustainability issues. The same restrictive quality criteria are applied to the molding of plastic parts.

By seriality, we must not mean the tired repetition of a productive gesture. Yet, the reiteration of the gesture that defines, piece by piece, the right path.
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