About us

Marte is a whole new world.

There are people, like us at Marte, who get up in the morning and dream of changing the world, not from its foundations, of course, but through the little things. That is why we design and produce chairs, tables, and furnishing accessories for you.

Our aim is to realize creations that are comfortable, functional and beautiful. We concentrate on what we do best: communicating that sense of
exclusive uniqueness through objects, that is the inspiration behind all our products.

Each and every Marte product is born from a concept, a detail that you cannot encounter and be unaffected by reflection; that particularity that inspires and transports you elsewhere.

Each line is intended, seduced and drawn in order to satisfy the attention to detail, all the while bearing in mind the product’s innate functionality.

Our products are designed to improve the perception of your office, home, restaurant, bar or hotel, expressing that something extra which is somehow missing in things, but that exists in objects.

All objects are a source representing our needs and requirements, hence good design should embody the point where the object, the creative will, and function meet.

The will to create is to imagine, the desire for change, the sharing of an idea, a creative path. It is for this reason that we create products that excite, and last while having a minimal impact on that which is most precious, the right to a healthy environment.

The Marte team knows how to do its job well and does it with such passion and dedication that it is often confused with life itself, thus our products are rich in meaning and look more like artifacts than industrial products, in short: they have soul.

Maybe that’s our secret: to put emotion into the little things, the details and the care, to which you have the right to find in the product of your desires, attuning you with beauty and lightness.