m. artedesign collections have a contemporary identity and are featured by functional design. Project culture and artisan spirit show the passion we put into all the objects we make.


Airy, light, and windy. Not a simple sofa but a modular seating system characterized by a sense of suspension and dematerialization. Essential, modular, and endlessly customizable. Soft edges and rational proportions constitute the stylistic code of a product that provides multiple furnishing solutions.


Alfa is the result of an intentionally fortuitous encounter. It is a gamble born from an exchange of ideas and, above all, of ideals. It is the result of a merge that makes us stronger. And passion, which determines the right direction. In the genesis of Alfa there is a little bit of us, and a little bit of you. A bit of all those who bet on the line and not on the segment, on the group and not on the individual, on the future and not on the past. Alfa marks the beginning of a collective journey.


Instinct is innate. It is not the result of learning. This armchair has an instinctual genesis. The resulting lines are simple and immediately understandable. Dilmun's design holds lasting, timeless shapes that help us savor the product's aesthetics.


Enki has an essential and enclosing aspect at the same time. It dialogues with the senses for a very stimulating tactile and visual experience. Few simple lines outline originality as a return to origins, to the archetype, to the beauty itself.


Finn's mark is inspired by a sailing boat created in 1950 by the Swedish Rickard Sarby. The seat's enveloping features, inspired by sailing, bring us back to the sea and the sense of freedom that it reveals.


The way the volume is created in the Levante chair derives from creating surfaces that join three curves that are arranged linearly in space and that touch in only one point.

In this way an elegant chair is brought into being, distinctive for its diagonal lines which create an original harmony of enveloping surfaces and sharp edges. This is the distinguishing feature that gives an individual quality to what is universally known as normality.

The shell is moulded in recycled post-industrial polypropylene in which the thickness has been optimized in order to use as little plastic as possible without altering any of the features contributing to durability and comfort. It will be mounted on 7 different bases and the completely upholstered version with cushion is also available.


Nami, in Japanese, usually means 'wave' but, depending on the way it is written, it can also mean 'beauty'. Multiple meanings in the same name. Wave and beauty: the dynamism of the wave translates into kinetic beauty. A dual essence, characterised by apparently angular lines and simple, clean volumes. Whoever does not admire a wave breaking on the shore has ceased to be amazed.


Paro, the new seating collection designed by Enzo Berti, is the outcome of a design challenge. The goal was to design a “simple” chair as the result of the maximum simplification of the manufacturing and assembly processes. The aesthetic result is just the consequence. Made of only three elements, assembled through only two welds, Paro stands out for its extreme lightness, clean and subtle design and as a seat with a comfortable and iconic T-back. Paro is designed for public areas, but also for home and office environments. It is easily stackable thanks to its lightweight and reduced dimensions. It is offered in three different finishes, for a customizable final effect. The shell is available in wood, padded on the back and seat, or entirely padded. The padding is available in leather or fabric.


It looks square, yet it is not. With a soft and comfortable soul, QBOT is at the same time one and many sofas. It offers many modular solutions for the lounge area, each with a unique touch—the contrasting piping is always out of the choir.


A breath of elegance inflates the sail which is ready to point in any direction. The Oak veneered backrest is enveloping as well as taut. The comfortable padding of the backrest looks like a sail swollen by the wind. Thanks to its shape similar to a rounded tip, Seile aims to pay homage to the nautical design concepts of the 50's.


Japanese-inspired, Shodo is a pouf that follows the new way of living the working spaces. Shodo makes these spaces welcoming and relaxing with its soft shapes and the thin wooden backrest, designed to define ergonomic and essential support.


Elegant, versatile, enclosing. A small armchair with a contemporary personality fully expresses the concept of minimal dynamism, revealing bright and simple forms. Perfect for any situation you want to make more precious. From the living room to the meeting room, Twelve maintains a high perception of the environment as a whole from the restaurant to the hotel.
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