Good design has always a story to tell

Marte is, first of all, a “laboratory of ideas” and concepts that take the shape and the substance of utility. We love design, an abused and mysterious word, but we love it even more when it spreads functionality, when it becomes an useful thing in everyone’s life. We create not only shapes but ethical and true meanings, inspired by the high quality of the materials and by the flawless production process and due respect of the environment. Our products come from the need to look for the truth and the good that belong to everything.

Value lies not only in what helps the body, but also in what nourishes the spirit. Our philosophy not only cuts across the concept of “making the product well”, but also across that of “communicating through the product.” The product and its form are the necessary consequence of the soul inherent in those selfsame things. A good product is able to, above all, communicate, to relate to its surroundings.

Volumes inhabit the objects in its archetypal forms that become interesting the moment they are placed in relation to the surrounding shapes of their environment. A product, therefore, is never separate from its perception, and the balance between the object and its design is the synthesis between full and empty, between that which is said and that which is not revealed.

Understanding the relationship between the object and the place in which it is located and the non-place of the consciousness of the user creates a mysterious kinetic beauty that acts as a conductor between the world of having and being.

To continue on this conceptual track, we at like to think that materials are to design what colors are to objects. That is why we love archetypal shapes and simple colors: what counts for us is of the essence of use.