Materials and Finishes

When selecting materials and suppliers, we look for the best quality. This means aiming to a result that enhances the project and celebrate its details and being faithful to its values to protect the customer and the environment. The constant search for sustainability is a crucial element of our business model. Our collaborators have environmentally friendly supply chains and protocols, control of emissions, noise pollution, and correct waste disposal.

Precomposed wood

It is a natural, certified, and eco-sustainable material. Decomposed and recomposed Poplar, Linden or Ayous wood is used to obtain the precomposed laminate. It is a product with superior quality, with no traditional wood’s typical defects, featured by uniform colors and shades reproducible over time.


Natural wood

The wood carpentry is made of ash wood from medium-large trees, with a stem between 25 and 30 meters high and a diameter between 60 and 100 cm. We only supply ash wood from European countries with a forest management respectful of the environment and of the natural resources.



Our Polypropylene is reinforced with fiberglass to provide the material with high physical and mechanical properties and excellent resistance to light and temperature. All the technopolymer material is produced in Italy according to the strictest regulations.


Pyrography Engraving Second skin

Through the pyrograpy technique, we can reach very high levels of personalization in our products. This methodology is applicable to “Second Skin” products. These materials have been designed and suitably prepared for engraving. The aesthetic result, both on wood and plastic, makes the product sensational and unique, just like our client.


Powder coatting

A certified Italian company and leader in the sector coat-paint our products. The painting processes have the latest high tech features and first-class materials are used. The tangible result is the high quality of the component and, consequently, of the finished product.


Polished aluminum and chromed steel

Aluminum is mechanically polished to obtain a shiny and substantial effect at the same time. The outcome is a glossy/matte look and visually  superb. The galvanizing treatment of the steel is carried out through the electrodeposition of polished nickel and a subsequent flash of chrome. We obtain a shiny and mirrored metallic effect tending to blue-white. This treatment gives the material high surface hardness and rust resistance.

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